Had to downgrade from ASRock 390M to Gigabyte 370N...

A couple of months ago I put together a new Mojave Hack for game development this year, but in extended use I found the machine would sometimes just totally freeze/lock up in use.

As I also needed a functional Bt/WiFi combo for Visual Studio MAC to be able to talk to my AppleTV, and that would require tearing everything apart to replace the onboard Intel module with a macOS-supported (I chose the BCM94352Z) m.2 card . . . I decided to cut bait on the ASRock and go with a gigabyte Z370 MiniITX m/b instead as the MicroATX Z370M D3H I got from Japan in late 2017 has been a complete champ (probably more reliable than a real Mac) for me w/ High Sierra (my 1070Ti card is preventing upgrading to 10.14 which is why I got the MiniITX w/ Radeon 580 box this year ...)

The only Z370N I could find was a refurb from Amazon, but they promise better open-box reconditioning than Newegg so I went for it.

First problem was as I feared, the m/b bios rev was too old to support my i5-9600k, so I had to order an el-cheapo i3 to just boot to the Bios to upgrade to one that supported 9-gen intel.

So after a week of waiting for the i3 I unfortunately then next found that the BIOS v11 I had flashed was too new and the hack install was hanging on apfs_module_init.

But somebody had posted Bios v10 had fixed this for them so after a quick reflash my Mojave reinstall was in business.

Seems like everything works now again so, yeay.

Now I can wait for upcoming pro Macs and laptops and take my time because this Z370 box w/ i5-9600K and Radeon 580 is more than fast!

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