Mac on-line restore not working. Question Have good internet link that does contact Apple for their "validation" process. ERROR Message: This item is temporarily unavailable. Try again later.

This Mac Pro works fine. Just performing a pro bono upgrade to give to a needy person in replacement of an really really older Imac.

Trying to on-line restore straight to a new SSD [with or without the original "Mc_HD"

boot drive also inside.

This is a Mac Pro Early 2009, 4,1 dual Quad Core Intel Xeon Mehalen 2.26 Ghz.

Yosemite 10.10.3

Nvidia GeForce GT 120

S/N: H092360720H

(added total) 48 GigRam (3 x 16 )

(added) 1 TB SSD for boot drive [ erased with Mac journal-ed file system]

(added) 6 TB spinning rust for storage.

Trying to first upgrade to El Capitain, then upgrade GPU to Nvidia Quadro 4000.

Need to know what the onboard PCI extra power for GPU capacity support is?

The Quadro appears to require 150 watts. I do not know if the Mac Pro motherboard will support that 150 watts on the single Apple cable supplied with the Quadro.

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