"OS type" issues with Asus B460 Prime


Asus B460 Prime MB

Intel Core i5 10600K

16GB Crucial Ballistix RAM

256GB Samsung 980 SSD

Intel UHD Graphics 630

I have recently installed macos big sur on my machine, ans everything seems to be working fine. The only gripe that I'm having is that after I'm done using macos and shutdown the computer, the next bootup makes the system POST in safe mode because of an error in the operating system. This isn't that big of a deal, I just hop into bios and boot into the opencore usb from there. As far as dortania's opencore guide goes for bios adjustments on comet lake, the only setting I couldn't change was the OS type. When I chose Windows UEFI mode I wouldn't be able to boot into the opencore usb at all, and the other alternative ("Other OS") gives me that POST error upon reboot. Does anyone else with a similar board have this issue?

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