What does Olarila actually do?

I have had some problems from my initial hackintosh build regarding the screen freezing randomly. Being desperate I found Olarila and posted my issue there. The admin of the site gave me this software (RunMe.app) that he recommended me running on macOS, in order to sort the issues. The issues with the freeze actually went away, but then they came back sometimes and around that time I realized that my Windows install had this bitcoin mining virus that had the GPU running at 100% all the time. Running a virus scan on Windows resulted in the problems going away.

Still I think it was stupid of me to go the Olarila route as I have no idea what the software I installed actually did to my setup. It could've installed malware for all I know. Thinking of jumping off the Clover ship and go with OpenCore and would like to remove as much unnecessary files and fixes as possible in order to do a clean OpenCore setup as possible. And that got me thinking: what files and fixes are actually installed when running the Olarila installer? Does anyone know?

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