No HDMI audio on Big Sur (Intel HD graphics 4600 - i7-4790K)

Hey guys, after using Mojave for some years I decided to upgrade to Big Sur, and after some days of research I went for Opencore, the installation went flawlessly and I was able to restore my data via time machine. However, I have one problem, I don't have HDMI audio, the hackintosh detects my jack ports from the case and the motherboard, but the HDMI doesn't show up. The graphics are being perfectly recognised as Intel HD Graphics 4600, as well as the monitor (Asus MX279H). I've read all Opencore documentation, so the config.plist is as good as I could make it for my Haswell processor. Regarding the kexts used, I installed the basics, recommended and mandatory on the oc guide, Whatevergreen and AppleALC included. I wasn't using any more kexts that can affect audio apart from them on Mojave, but the audio did work on it.

I've been researching about this and seems like it was a common issue back in 2019, and it was commonly fixed by either installing some other kext or with a Framebuffering patching guide.

However, after August 2020, Whatevergreen was updated and fixed any sort of problem regarding on board HDMI issues. So the guide, as well as the kexts, weren't really helpful. :(

As a last resource I've tried to tweak the bios setting that manages the hd audio controller, but it doesn't have anything to do with the HDMI audio, so it was useless.

Hope someone can help me here, I'll be happy to add any needed information.

Specs: OS: Big Sur OC installation. MB: MSI Z97 PC Mate. CPU: i7-4790K. Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4600. Drives: Corsair Force LS SSD 120gb && Seagate 2TB barracuda Monitor: I've tried Asus MX 279H and Gigabyte G32QC


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