Need help with PC build

Hello everyone!

I would like to buy new PC for hackintosh and need an advice.

What I found in local store:

Gigabyte Z490M Gaming X

Goodram Iridium Pro [IRP-3600D4V64L17/32GDC] 32 Gb (3600 MHz, PC28800)

Intel i7-10700

SSD Crucial BX500 480gb (already have in old PC)

Motherboard have M.2 port so I can order Wi-Fi from aliexpress.

My questions:

- is this good build? (I am QA and will use it for coding, autotests, vm ware, etc)

- should I buy this RAM?

- which Wi-Fi can support handoff, continuty and other native apple features?

- which power supply I need to buy? (I will not use dGPU or overclocking)

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