I can hear you all yelling at me now... but...

I'm looking to build a MacPro desktop. My personal requirements are for a relatively high end machine for video editing. No set budget, but let's just say $4500au worth of parts (hopefully not much more, but I'd go to $6000ish for performance now, and futureproofing).

Is it possible to pay someone to build/guide me through a Hackintosh?

YES, I know I shouldn't be considering this if I don't understand it, and how to fix problems as they arise. I know it's far easier to just buy a real one (This is a cost thing). I know a lot of you take pride in the tinkering and your successful builds. :)

In my case, I am sure I'll get my head around it over time. I am interested. I'm pretty tech savvy and am sure I could do it myself, but for now my time is better spent elsewhere. I just need a machine that works.

It's been a decade since I owned a PC so I am no longer familiar with Windows (I used to know it well), and I really want to keep working on MacOS, but at $10K (AU) for a genuine base MacPro that doesn't even meet my needs, it's just not happening.

So, I'm wondering if there is a service where either:

- Systems come pre-built and troubleshot, with all functionality flawless. (I mean that. Few, if any quirks. Everything works. Handoff, wifi, bluetooth, airdrop... everything. With all the I/O of a real Mac.)
- I purchase the parts based on my needs and their advice. I could assemble, (or they could), and they'd do all the tech stuff to get it working flawlessly, either remotely or in person.

In either case, they would be available to manage ongoing maintenance and updates for at least the first 90 days to 12 months, (or longer) with ongoing support just like any other IT company after that.

Don't hate me! Just wondering if it's a thing, and if there's any recommendations out there?

Also... while I have you here, I just asked this (Related, but not): https://www.reddit.com/r/hackintosh/comments/lq90lq/hackintoshing_a_ryzennvidia_machine_workarounds/

Thanks guys. :)

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