OC Vanilla Big Sur Fully running on 2012 HP ProBook 6470b

OC Vanilla Big Sur Fully running on 2012 HP ProBook 6470b

Hey guys. This project was pretty hard for me (Since I am only 15 (not an excuse actually)) But thanks to everyone below, we did it. Here is full Vanilla Big Sur on HP ProBook 6470b.

  1. Apple - for macOS
  2. Dortania - for OpenCore and Guides + Prebuild SSDT's
  3. Jake Lo - for helping with DSDT battery 1% patch
  4. RehabMan - for HDEF Patches
  5. And Others

Let's see the specs of this laptop below:

Model: HP ProBook 6470b

Processor: i5-3210M 2.5GHz with 3.1Ghz Turbo - Use DisableTurboBoostBattery.kext

Install Method: Vanilla, using OpenCore

Graphical Processor: Integrated HD4000

RAM: 8GB DDR3 1333MHz [Optional]

Hard Drive: 320GB SATA 3.0 HGST 7200 [Optional]

WIFI Card: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 - My Guide to enable in Big Sur Vanilla and Below

Audio: IDT92HD81B1X5 - Apply DSDT Patch, AppleALC and alcid=3 flag arg

Ethernet: Intel(R) 82579V

Touchpad: Synaptic

BIOS: F.74 Latest

Some Accessories below:

FireWire - IEEE 1394 is an interface standard for a serial bus for high-speed communications.

  • Works OOB in Catalina, but not in Big Sur. Pretty sure it is easy to fix, but since I don't use it I won't

ExpressCard - ExpressCard, is an interface to connect peripheral devices to a computer.

  • Does not work, easy to fix but since I am not using it I won't.

eSATAp/USB Combine - is a combination connection for external storage devices.

  • Not sure, because I don't have eSATA drives, and I will use that port only for the USB

Docking - HP OEM docking station for Probook laptop series.

  • Even if it worked... Anyways, not using it

What is working? :D

QE/CI Acceleration - for fancy MacOS Animations and effects.

All USB Ports - Yes All of them. Even eSATAp one.

Charging / Battery Status - It shows percentage.

AppleALC Audio - HD Audio IDT92HD81B1X5 alcid=3 .

Microphone - Yes, it works because of AppleALC.

Touchpad - Works with Multitouch (Notes below).

Ethernet - Intel Mausi. Works with stock Kext.

Display Port - The port that looks like HDMI but not HDMI...

Optical Drive - Boomers assume that teens don't know what that is...

What is not working? :ꓷ

Bluetooth - This laptop has no Bluetooth support what so ever. Regardless of the WiFi Card.

WebCam - This Laptop does not have one :(


  • Stock HP Optical Drive will not work. Replace with the one that is supported.
  • VGA Does not work, and... I don't use it. Also, Apple dropped VGA support a decade ago.
  • For a stable touchpad please use this kext
  • For Bluetooth, Please use a compatible USB Dongle. This Laptop has no Bluetooth support. Even if you install a Wi-Fi card with Bluetooth built-in.
  • If you have a webcam, it will work OBB. Because they usually use a USB bus. It is easy to add a webcam to this laptop


Make sure it is [macbookpro11,1]. Because if it is [macbookpro10,2] then you will have compatibility issues and you will have to set [-no_compat_check] flag

About Big Sur:

Great OS with lots of features. But there is only one thing I hate... THE SEALED FILE SYSTEM.

PLEASE NOTE - You CAN'T change ANYthing in SLE or LE. There are some ways. If you change something by using this method in SLE or LE, it will work. But it won't let you refresh the kextcache.

That is exactly why Apple forced us to do everything in Vanilla.



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