MSI Z270 /UHD 630 DisplayPort Issues

I have been attempting to get DisplayPort working with my build, see specs below. However after trying each FrameBuffer on the list there was no output from DP. I even tried using Hackintool many times but could never get it to detect when I plugged in the DP cable. I was able to get DP to work without hardware acceleration when using a FrameBuffer of 00001659, which I accidentally entered and is not on the list.

Please see my original post here.


  1. Motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming M5
  2. CPU: i7-7700k
  3. dGPU: RTX 2070 (disabled with SSDT)
  4. iGPU: Intel HD 630
  5. Storage: SSD 950 PRO NVMe 256GB (MZ-V5P256BW)
  6. Audio: ALC1220
  7. WiFi: Intel AC7260 (PCIe)
  8. Ethernet: Killer E2500
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