Debugging intermittent freezes

I've been running a Mojave hackintosh on a pretty powerful machine successfully for about 2 years but recently I've started to get intermittent freezes where the OS locks up - specifically what happens is:

  • Mouse and keyboard stop responding
  • Screen / audio is still updating - e.g. a video that was playing will continue to play
  • Notifications appear that a USB drive that's still plugged in has been unplugged without unmounting.
  • The only way back is to reboot.

The machine was set up by XDS with their own custom kexts and I'm loathe to try to update the OS myself because it's used in a studio for music production and therefore being out of action is worse than intermittent freezes.

I've been logging when they happen and what was being done at the time but I can't see any clear pattern. There is nothing in system.log around the crash times and there are no application crash reports so it does seem like an OS-level issue.

Is there some more verbose logging that I could enable to try to get to the bottom of what is causing this? Or any suggestions really! I may resort to doing an OS upgrade but it seems unlikely to resolve it since the issue was not occurring before and the OS hasn't been updated since.



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