Cannot boot with Dual Monitor / Intel HD4600 / OpenCore

This is my first Hackintosh and after a lot of struggle it mostly works ok, but I cannot get it boot with both monitors connected. This is a Must for me to use my hackintosh as a daily driver. Could you please help?

* Hardware:

CPU: I5 4690K

GPU: HD4600 / Nvidia GTX 1070TI

RAM: 16GB Corsair

Motherboard: Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer

Screen(s) Number: 2

Screen(s) Resolution: Main(HDMI) 1920x1080, DVI (1920x1200)

Ethernet Card: Killer E2200

Wifi/BT Card: Fenvi AX200 with BT5.0

* What guide/tool I followed: Dortiana

* What part I got an issue with:

After many attempts I can get the the second screen(DVI) to work if I connect it after I boot in Catalina, however it will get stuck during the booting if both monitor cables (HDMI AND DVI) are connected.

With default platform-id the Catalina will crash even if I connect the monitor after the boot, so I’ve found multiple IDs like 0700260D which at least allows me to connect the screen after the boot.

I’ve tried various frame buffer params, but so far all have resulted in the same or worse results. At this point I don’t know what else to do.

* What files/config I am using:

Catalina crashlog:


* Extra Info:

-dGPU disabled in boot arg, both monitors connected to Motherboard

-Booting from USB install drive

-In BIOS Memory allocation is set to 256MB, I don’t have DVMT param.

-USB ports are not mapped(I had few unsuccessful port mapping attempts), but since I haven't discovered any issues with it, for now I won't touch it.

-Irrelevant, but if anybody looks at my plist, I don’t have CFG-LOCK option as well. FW patching also won’t support this

P.S. While I'm at it, has anybody had an issue with Bluetooth 4.0 devices? I can discover all my 5.0 devices, but 4.x headphones cannot be discovered.

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