Brightness Control, Boot menu

I just finished building my second hackintosh, boots into the system with no problem, everything seems to be working except for brightness control and sleep (sometimes it works and sometime it doesn't).


i3 10100 (using onboard HDMI)

Z490 Vision G

16 Gb Ram

Fenvi T919

I'm using apple's magic keyboard but I can't adjust the brightness using the keys, instead, I have to download an external app to adjust it, is there any fix to that? tried searching it but most of the posts are for laptops not PC, wondering if anyone else has this problem.

The other question is just out of curiosity, I'm only using this desktop for Hackintosh, is it possible to get rid of the boot menu containing (MacOS.efi, Nvram.efi, etc.) and boot straight into the system?

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