advice for a new hackintosh build?

hey folks,

i'm running an i7-6800k at 4.2ghz, 32gb ram, Radeon VII and Asus X99-A/Usb 3.1. It has been a steady workhorse for some time. I do have an occasional freeze, but it has never happened to me during serious work, and i believe it may be related to another 3rd party app or plugin i use. I think the freeze may be caused by something incorrect in my SSDTs.

After looking around various forms/posts, it seems one of the most powerful yet compatible cpus would be the i9-9900k. Aside from double socket motherboards (which i won't be using), can anyone verify if this is one of the best cpus i can use for intel based hackintosh, and a motherboard to go with it? i intend to purchase a used Radeon VII as well, 1tb nvme drive, and as much ram as i can afford. Please note that i would like to avoid AMD for app compatibility reasons, thanks.

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