Help a Brother out

I have a successful hackintosh SSD running Big Sur 11.0.1 on my Acer Nitro 7 AN715-51. The power management is working pretty well I had a battery backup of at least 4 hours but on windows I had more than 6 hours of battery backup. I don't have an unlocked BIOS maybe this is the reason for power management, On IDLE the CPU uses about 1.2w but spikes sometimes to about 2-3w. So I thought of Dual Booting and I successfully installed windows on another SSD but the problem is I'm not able to install any drivers whether it's intel (CPU Related) or Nvidia (Graphics) .

As my laptop is new and it has a warranty sticker on the screw hole I can't unplug one or other SSD to install Mac or windows and I don't have any experience with unlocking BIOS.

What are my options here?

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