Catalina freezes after a few seconds with OpenCore 064

I'm preparing my system for an update to Big Sur. I want to make sure that the current Catalina install works with OpenCore 064 prior to engaging in that process.

I got OC 060 installed and it works. Put 064 on a usb and when booting the current Catalina install with it I can boot and login but macOS freezes completely after a few seconds. This is reproducable 100% of the time.

Updated OC 064 with sanitychecker and all seems ok. Can't find any clear information or troubleshooting in regards to this.

Any ideas from the knowledgeable group of people here?

Asus B-350 Prime AMD Ryzen 2700X 32GB Corsair Vengeance Sapphire RX580 MacOS on a M2 drive Also have an SSD and a regular drive in the system (Win/Ubuntu on the former and storage on latter)

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