Post install clover to opencore migration - 2 issues - please help.


yesterday I managed to do a fresh OpenCore Catalina install after using Clover and Mojave before. everything, thanks to you help, works!

iservices, sleep etc. starts perfect and I could not be happier!

I then migrated my data from my old Clover Mojave Time Machine backup.

This took unusually long but seemed to have worked as well.

However, I am now confronted with 2 weird program related issues:

The first is:

While I am able to use the App Store with no problem, some programs, after install, are not able to run. I did try it with apps that I have bought and after downloading them from the App Store the app won't open and it tells me:

"The file is corrupted and can't be opened. Delete and reinstall from the App Store" (this is a rough translation).

This is happening to some apps while some others seem fine. It seems that this is happening to apps that have been previously installed.

The other problem I have is with the app Adblock. this might be very specific and I already did hours of research in their forums: whenever I install the app it will launch but can not be started to run. it gives me an error that the app can not be executed correctly.

I did a deep delete of all files associated, used nightly builds and did other stuff to get it to run but no luck.

While I am able to follow guides I am not tech savvy enough to fix these problems unfortunately. It seems to me that maybe some sort of corrupted structure was taken over while migrating with time machine.

Is there any tip from your side what I can do?

I am happy to share any information necessary.

Thanks a lot already!

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