Triple boot, GPU safety?

First off, love this community. Never posted but helped immensely in building my first hackintosh maybe a year ago. I posted this in r/buildapc with no luck. Hopefully you guys can help.

Relevant hardware:

Asus ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming
Vega 64
RTX 3080 FE

"Wondering about kind of a specific use-case. Here’s the sitch:

I’m triple booting a hackintosh (nvme 1) and Windows/Ubuntu (nvme 2, partitioned). Generally I do 3D work/compositing and just prefer macOS hence the hack, which has a Vega 64. I managed to score a 3080 FE and plan to use Windows-specific apps like Embergen, then swing to Ubuntu Blender which provides a bit of a boost in render times.

Everything works. Clover is installed on the Mac drive and I can boot to whatever. I’m wondering about the best ways to use these GPUs and what kind of PSU is safe.

Right now I have an EVGA 850W GQ and have been unplugging and plugging in the GPU power cables/DisplayPort each time I boot to a different OS (kind of a pain considering I do this a fair bit for work) to make sure that nothing will get screwed up. So I’m wondering:

  1. Is it safe to have both the Vega 64 and RTX 3080 plugged in with an 850W PSU if one of them is idle, or should I unplug the one not in use?
  2. If it’s safe power-wise, can I keep my monitor plugged into the Vega and take advantage of the 3080? I mostly use apps like Blender, Substance Painter, Adobe CC suite.

Thanks in advance for the help! A lot easier to explain the situation than cobble together an answer from a bunch of forums."

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