Parts List Check (First-time build)

Hey everyone! I have looked into a Hackintosh before but have never felt like I could do it until now. I also have never built a pc so this is a double new. So basically what I am getting at is that if it would be possible to help a noob out. Here are some parts list can you please tell me if they are all compatible with Catalina of mac as well as if they would run double boot. This is a list that I copied off someone elses build as well as a few upgrades. This means the world to me thank you!


Wifi chip from my research this allows the pc to fake being a mac if anyone knows what this is in a more detailed description please let me know ?...


Graphics Card:

Ram, I would buy two 8 X 4 Sticks:

CPU Cooling fan:

Case ventilation/Cooling fan:

Storage SSD:

The case, also I would be interested in making a small form factor pc if all the parts would build and the case would be at a fair price, please let me know!:

Thank you if you do look through this! It's my first pc build and I don't have any friends to go to about this type of thing so... here we are at Reddit. Also if anyone has a better, compatible, and cheaper substitutions please let me know. Again Thank you. Also From my knowledge, I use opencore?

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