Need help setting up Hackintosh Lion (from Intel recovery disk media)

EDIT: I have now become aware of the typo in the title. I meant to put Tiger.

Hello! I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 with 256 MB RAM, and I was wondering if I could install Hackintosh Tiger (from Intel recovery disk) on it. I cannot find the appropriate version of Clover to make the disk bootable by the BIOS, however. When I boot from the modern Legacy version, I am presented with a 640x480 screen with a flashing cursor for a few seconds. After a few moments, the number 6 appears for one to two frames, and then the machine soft resets. Any idea on how I could get the machine to run Lion with an appropriate version of Clover? Thank you in advance!

INSPIRON 1100 SPECS: 1 DIMM version (blue & gray), not the 2 DIMM version. 256 MB RAM Intel i686 Pentium 4 CPU IDE DVD-ROM CD-RW drive IDE 30 GB HDD BIOS version: A32 - - That's all the info, for now. - -

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