Hackintosh advice for newbie

Hi everyone, I'm a software developer and had been using Macbook last 7 years, but it slowed a lot and since Macbooks are very expensive especially in my country I created a desktop. But not having information about hackintosh possibilities I created a desktop with Ryzen 5 and Rtx2060. Now I'm struggling with Windows because of my unix habit and switch to linux but it is not polished as macos.

So now I'm planning to sell 2060 if possible and get a new RX5700 or RX5700XT. My question is should I wait for new 6000 series for price drop, or any other advice since I have very shallow information about hackintoshs (maybe getting cheaper gpu just to run macos and keeping 2060 for gaming, i have dual pcie slot on my mobo)

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