Dual or Triple Boot Hackintosh - Compatibility Advice

I would like to build my first Hackintosh and I would like to build a dual-boot (macOS/Windows 10) or triple-boot (macOS/Windows 10/Linux) machine in a mini ITX case. After researching online and watching a number of YouTube videos, I have come up with a proposed build.


Do you see any compatibility issues with the suggested build? I have few concerns.

  1. I wanted to have three 250 GB SSDs to potentially install three OSes and applications (macOS, Windows 10, Linux). I would also have a 4 TB 3.5" SATA drive for file storage. With the motherboard I have selected, I can connect two M.2 SSDs, a 2.5" SSD, and a 3.5" HDD. However, I am concerned that using the second M.2 SSD slot may disable one of the SATA connections. I thought I read that somewhere, but can't seem to find it again.
  2. I wanted to use the Asus Radeon VII, but can't seem to find it for a reasonable price anywhere. What would be an ideal mid to high-end GPU to use with this build?
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