[buggy?] ForceD3: disabling pci slot on demand

[buggy?] ForceD3: disabling pci slot on demand

Download: https://github.com/phu54321/ForceD3

This post is a follow-up of Completely disabling dGPU / NVMe drive.

# What is this?

This kext powers off unused PCI devices. Useful for powering off unused dGPU or NVMe, thus better battery life.

# Disclaimer

  • This works perfectly for me, but I haven't tested this whatsoever for any other builds or PCs. So this will be buggy.
  • This might sound non-responsible, but this kext is provided as-is. No support provided. Sorry for saying this, but please think this kext as proof-of-concept.

# What this program does:

This kext disables and powers off speicifc PCI slot. To be exact, this program puts PCI device to D3 (sleep) state with the same method I've contributed to VoodooI2C.


# Usage

  1. Download the kext
  2. Modify IONameMatch to match name of PCI slot you're matching against.
  3. Inject kext w/ OpenCore or Clover
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