Best wireless card for T530 modded BIOS running Catalina

I am new to hackintosh but have been learning last couple months. I just modded my bios to remove the whitelist on my Thinkpad T530. Its supports half height PCI-e wireless cards.

I know there is allot of info out there but since the release of itwlm for intel card compatibility I am not sure if I should go with an intel card or for something else possibly with native support. I don't really require allot of speed but just want bluetooth and wifi working in both windows and OSX. Speed would be a bonus.

Since I am buying one there are allot of options so hoping someone could help me narrow things down. Budget is around $30 or less if I can get it on the cheap.

I looked through this compatibility list here for options but not 100% what I am looking for in terms of compatibility with my particular machine.

I had itwlm running well on my x1 carbon but I missed my old style thinkpad so not sure if it will work the same. Also the carbon I couldn't get bluetooth working properly running an Intel AC 8265NGW Card.


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