Any tips for adding codecs to AppleALC

Lemme preface this by saying I'm completely willing to do real work here to get this functioning. I'm not asking someone to take time out of their day to create a custom platform/layout for an audio codec they're not even using. If you have any tips or advice for this, I could seriously use it.

I'm currently on an HP Envy 15t-k200 with the Realtek ALC3241/ALC290 codec and have been pretty much set with the layout 4 option. Everything works with the exception of the built-in beats audio subwoofer. I'm normally not one to pay any mind for the sound quality of a laptop, as they're almost always universally terrible. However, with this system the two main speakers are intended to be supplemented with the sub and without that extra bass the quality is about on-par with an old phone.

I have already put a good amount of homework into this and realized that I could use some help. I've gotten the codec dump from linux and manually mapped the nodes and the full audio path only to find that I spent an hour re-creating the same layout I've been using this whole time.

I was using this guide for the manual mapping.

In windows the sub won't actually be used without the generic audio driver installed. I've also been able to use the sub in linux with pulse audio. Looking around the vanilla AppleHDA kext I found that some of the platforms seem to have audio mixing information in them and I was wondering if it would be enough to get this working.

I've cloned the AppleALC GitHub project and have been making my own custom builds trying a few of the other mixers/selectors in the codec but I haven't been able to get the sub working yet. If anyones dealt with laptop subwoofers before and has any tips I'd really appreciate it.

Here's my codec dump, sorted and in a readable format if anyone want's to take a look. I've included the mappings and node points up top.

Quick info:

Codec: ALC3241/ALC290

ACPI path/device: _SB.PCI0.HDEF (stock HDEF, no rename)

Speaker configuration: two L/R internal speakers (Top), Beats audio sub (connected at mid of mobo)

Motherboard: DAY33AMB6C0 REV: C (HP garbage)

CPU: Haswell 4720HQ - HD4600 gfx

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