Some question following opencore guide

I have a laptop and I want to install hackintosh on it. My laptop is Pavilion x360 using an intel 10gen 10210u processer.I followed the guide on the pinned post to make a macos installation usb. Now I am confused in the steps about SSDT and config.plist. I am looking for help. My issues is

Different steps between the main opencore guide and the ACPI guide, which guide should I follow?

Can't find the WhateverGreen iGPU PCI section on config.plist, the guide tells me need to add it manually by follow the HD Graphics FAQs but I can't find steps there

The device manger haven't tell me my keyboard and touchpad is I2C or PS2

Is the usb ready to use to install after doing all steps in opencore guide?

Should I add SSDT-PNLF.dsl to whatevergreen since I am using a laptop, and where should I place it to?


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