Ryzen Hack and CPU Management Kext - Useful ?

Good day everybody,

I am the proud owner of a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU with which I have created my 2nd Hackintosh (coming from an Intel one), with open core 0.5.9 (migrating to 0.6.1 soon). Thanks to the guides, it was a breeze, I can never thank enough all the people who are contributing to this community !

One thing that I have noticed is the power management on the AMD that doesn't seem to be optimal. Or... is it ?
Because I have the feeling that with the AMDRyzenCPUPowerManagement.kext and SMCAMDProcessor and widget, my hackintosh is playing "yoyo" with the thermals.
For example, my CPU fan is activating at boot, then settling, then going back up, settling, all the time.

So there are couple of options here :

- I might not be using the widget properly. I usually end up by just opening it, seeing what's going on, putting in "green" zone... I am lost in the tool. Plus it looks like the settings aren't saved so I need to apply these at each boot

- Maybe my Bios settings are not correct in the CPU management. To be honest, I am not a diver in these kind of settings, so any suggestion is welcome. I am using an MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX with latest bios version installed.
But strangely, the CPU seems to be quiet in my Windows dual boot.

- Last option : are these kext really necessary ? Are they making more harm than good ?

My goal is to have the most silent machine as possible. Not being a huge power user (I use Windows partition for gaming), I don't mind giving away a few MHz or having a slightly hotter machine if I can enjoy a more silent setup.

Thank you !

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