Regarding Previous Dell Latitude E5450 Post

A couple of days ago i had posted about a Latitude E5450 that had everything working on Catalina bar the audio, and for weeks wondered what was causing the issue. Someone mentioned it was due to IRQ Conflicts within the system, i had used SSDTTime to fix these conflicts but at the time it didn't seem to have done anything in terms of fixing the audio.

Skip to a couple of days/weeks later, i decided to not give up and to try and fix this, i came so far and i wasn't gonna give up. I retraced my steps and rebuilt the EFI from a 0.6.0 version that i knew worked in the past as for some reason when i attempted 0.6.1 initally with the system, the XOSI patch no longer worked despite it being there. So i took my 0.6.0 EFI, updated it to 0.6.1, and instead of using prebuilt SSDT's like i had done last time. I took the time to make my own necessary patches for the system itself that were needed for Broadwell Laptops with the help from SSDTTime yet again. Booted the Catalina installer and installed it. At this point i was instantly expecting the system to be right back to where i was weeks ago, everything working minus audio. But to my surprise, the audio had been successfully patched and loaded in correctly, both the headphone jack and built in speakers were both detected and sound was FINALLY, working after weeks of debugging and work, i had also checked using IORegistryExplorer to double check and that confirmed it was being patched properly.

Thanks to that one guy who suggested to make sure to patch out IRQ Conflicts as i believe that did help in getting the system to work properly, i had deleted my previous post about this system as at the time, i had given up hope of getting it to all work successfully.

EDIT: Specs in the comments. Fixed Typo's.

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