Multiple Chipsets (USB Mapping)

Multiple Chipsets (USB Mapping)

My motherboard (GA-Z270X-Gaming 8) lists multiple chipsets (controllers?). I mapped my USB previously, and things have been working OK, but every once and a while things get screwy. I'm also trying to dial in my wifi (bought a PCI wifi/BT card which is another story), so I wanted to disable my built-in BT module (which shows up under one of my USB ports in USBMap/Hackintool). This sorta brought me down the rabbit hole again, and as I read more and more, I'm starting to think that the 15 port limit shouldn't apply to me. Even in the last listed chipset, I should only have 14 total there (5 * 2 + 4).

Am I evaluating this correctly? If so, why does Hackintool (but more specifically USBMap) show one controller as XHC?

I noticed that I have to rename XHCI (not XHC1) to XHC_ as per the USBMap instructions. despite Dortania claiming my SMBIOS (18.3) doesn't need it:

SMBIOSes that do not need the ACPI renames:

iMac18,x and newer


I really tried to do my homework here, but I'm scratching my head a bit. USBMap isn't happy when I leave more than 15 enabled because it thinks they're all under XHC as the only controller.

Here's the screenshot of the USB Controllers on page 11 of my motherboard's manual. Can someone check my "logic" here?

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