Mac won't boot after Windows update

I din't find anything related, so here is my problem, everything was going perfectly fine with my dual boot Hackintosh, today Windows made some update (I forgot to disable those), and then when I tried to boot in Mac OS I only get the apple logo and the progress bar, but the bar is not filling. Is stuck in there.

I tried to boot from the USB with opencore, the one I used to install, and I had the same result, logo and bar but not progress.

My Hackintosh is an Athlon 3000G, with a B450 motherboard, MSI RX580, and Windows and Mac run on separate Nvme drives.

Evertything was running perfect until Windows updated, so there must be something Windows overwrite but I don't know what.

Hope anyone in here that had the same problem can guide me.

Thank you!

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