USB 3 ports not working in Catalina

I’ve finally gotten my new system to boot into Catalina and everything seems to work fine except USB 3. The system does not see my USB 3 ports at all, but the USB 2 ports work fine. I also had to boot my installer in a USB 2 port.

I followed dortania’s guide fo 10th gen intel CPUs, and manually created my SSDTs.

I’ve been attempting to map my USB ports, but one of the first steps is to use USBMap tool to discover ports. When I do this I get the message “Something’s not right. Was unable to locate any valid ports”. I can’t find any useful information about this message or why I have no USB 3 ports. Please help.

Asus Prime B460M-A Intel i5-10400 Opencore 0.6.0 Catalina 10.15.6

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