Updating OpenCore from 0.5.7 to 0.6.0

Hi All.

I am really struggling with understanding how to update my OpenCore. I have checked under terminal and I am on release 0.5.7.

I have run MountEFI and backed up my EFI to a separate USB stick.

I have downloaded the latest OpenCore 0.6.0 release and I am following the official upgrade tutorial on Dortania.

I understand everything about updating the key files such as BOOTx64.efi, OpenCore.efi and OpenRuntime.

However I am completely lost when it comes to updating my config.plist based on the latest sample.plist. What am I looking for? What am I changing? I have tried to read the Differences documentation and that hasn't helped me much.

Comparing the sample to my current config, there appears to be a number of changes such as under UEFI there is a section for APFS in the sample which isn't present on my old config.plist.

So what's the premise? Should I use the sample.plist as my foundation and keep all the new items as they are and change any existing items to reflect my current config.plist?

Many thanks for all your help :)

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