Strange Behaviour after installing Catalina on i5-8250U

Hi, I'm trying to hackintosh an Asus Vivobook with an i5-8250U and UHD 620 graphics. It's a Kaby Lake R CPU, and I've been experiencing strange bugs pre-install and post-install. I managed to install Catalina following the Dortania guide, but when I was installing I noticed an odd issue where the Mac menus wouldn't 'update', like if I clicked "Install macOS Catalina" from the recovery menu, the text in the box that would come up wouldn't update until I interacted with the box in some way. I assumed this was odd installer-based graphics bugs and continued my install. MacOS installed fine, although the graphic bug persisted during the install and after it rebooted to finish the install (Progress bars wouldn't update but they did actually install). When I try to boot macOS, it verbose boots fine and goes to the booting part where the progress bar briefly shows up with the Apple logo. However, about 90% of the time, the progress bar and Apple logo get stuck, but the cursor shows up and can be moved. The other 10% of the time, macOS would 'load' but the screen would be covered in a half-transparent Apple loading screen with the progress bar. I managed to finish the macOS install by navigating the setup with my keyboard, and managed to get into macOS. I checked system info and it read 1536MB of VRAM which makes sense, but I was still experiencing graphical issues. Menus wouldn't load properly like before in the installer, where windows wouldn't update unless interacted with in some way. I managed to copy the EFI to the SSD EFI partition so I can boot without USB, but the issue still persists.

TL;DR: i5-8250U with iGPU UHD 620 has graphical issues when booting, gets past verbose but screen fails to 'update' which leads to it being stuck at Apple logo.

Picture of screen when it boots sometimes, Picture of screen 90% of the time after verbose boot.

EFI Folder structure, Config.plist (I'm unsure if config.plist files translate well onto pastebin, if direct link is needed please let me know.

Thanks for any help!

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