Ram stick detected in Hackintosh but not in windows systems

I have an 8gb DDR3 Ram module that I "THINK" is non ECC, that ive been testing across various prebuilt windows systems. (HP, Dell, ect.) Its never been detected in the bios or windows. I recently made a Optiplex 3020 Catalina hackintosh, i figured might as well put it in there just in case. When i booted up clover, i was surprised to see the DDR3 module detected along with my 4gb stick known working. It showed up as 12gb of ram in about this mac and came out in the memory section of system information and detected devices, correct ram speed and everything. Now i haven't ran any test to see if this ram module actually does anything but going from other than completely dead to being seen in a system says something. If anyone has any insight that would be appreciated, or memory test's to recommend for mac.

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