OpenCore Restore hackintosh via Time Machine

Hi I followed the guide here:

(I have a 10900K, Gigabyte Z490 VisionD, and a Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME drive, and a AMD RX 560 Graphics card. Wifi & bluetooth via FV-T919)

The hackintosh works really well, all ports, sleep, Wifi, bluetooth, etc.

I installed vanilla stock 10.15.6, but after I experimented and saw it was working I decided to wipe it and restore a full time machine 10.15.5 backup of my main working computer on to the hackintosh.

So I booted onto the USB, wiped the SSD, then tried installing via restore. It seemed to go well and chugged away transferring 300Gs or so of data onto the hackintosh, but at the reboot stage things went bad. I am not exactly sure what happened and I might have chosen the wrong partition in the OpenCore boot menu that wizzes by... but in the end I couldn't even boot from the USB.

So in the end I reset the CMOS bios, rebooted and then I could reboot from the USB. If I ever tried booting from the NVME SSD it go into a state that it wouldn't boot from the USB. (again I reset the CMOS and then it would boot again)

I looked around for a guide on this but I likely missed some pointers somewhere... I reinstalled a fresh copy and choose to restore files via the migration assistant, (but that isn't quite the same since I do some tricky things on outside my home folder. Eg I set up a /Development/ dir at the root level and a few things are linked into that.)

Any hints or suggestions? Should this just work and I did something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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