Managing a dual-boot with a Ryzen APU and old low-end GPU

I am moving from a Intel CPU for a Ryzen APU since I am just going to do light gaming and don't play a lot of modern AAA titles these days. But I still want to keep a Hackintosh system.

I already know that Hackintoshes can't use the iGPU in Ryzens, but still support the CPU part. So I will have to get a dedicated GPU for Hackintosh and it will be very cheap, something like a GT 640 or GT 710 at minimum just to display graphics.

A card this low-end will be weaker than Ryzen's iGPU. Is it possible to use the Vega iGPU with Windows and discrete card with Mac on the same machine? Will there be a lot of inevitable video cable swapping when I switch operating systems or can I avoid that? I know just getting a card better than the iGPU can solve it but the budget here is tight.

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