I2C trackpad doesn't work at all (Acer Swift 3)

For my hackintosh, I used this guide on Github, it's not the same model, but all components are working perfectly (battery is found, audio is working, graphics is here) apart the trackpad. The trackpad has been patched by the creator of this EFI (voodooI2C is installed, there're some SSDTs regarding the trackpad). The guide clearly indicates that "trackpad doesn't work during setup and for a few boot cycles" and to fix it you need to use kextcache command in terminal, but it's not working in my case. I'll my EFI folder and another file to learn more. Thanks in advance for your precious help! https://www.icloud.com/iclouddrive/0C6s9D2PxxTe7aI1RPVagygFg#Archive

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