Finally got my Vanilla Installation Success but I think I still have a few problems...

Hardware: Desktop

CPU: Intel Pentium Gold G5400 (FakeCPUID applied)

GPU: NVIDIA GT 710 2 GB (Supported natively)

RAM: 4 GB - It’s a recent build, I’m still buying parts :)

Motherboard/Laptop model: Gigabyte H310M M.2 Rev. 1.0

Audio Codec: Realtek.

Ethernet Card: Onboard Realtek (Kext RTL8111 applied).

What guide/tool followed: Vanilla Clover Guide for Intel

What part I got an issue with: Every app is slow to load and the HDD activity light is always on, Spotlight was indexing and when I tried to exclude other drives and partitions from Spotlight, the “sheet” animation got stuck in half closed, the mouse cursor got stuck and then it vanished, so I forced a restart and booted to windows. I checked Activity Monitor and the CPU usage was very very low, under 10%...

What files/config I am using: I’m using the Coffee Lake sample, only applying FakeCPUID for my Pentium (without it I was stuck with “Memory Stackshot Succeeded”).

Extra Info: I’m not sure, but I think my problem may be related to my extra HD, as it’s a notebook hard drive (HITACHI 240 GB 5400 RPM) and it’s super old (I took from my old MacBook 2010). I’m working home office on that PC so I can’t risk my Windows SSD with a system I’ll not be able to use.

My installer worked almost like if I was installing on a real Mac, I got sound and internet working right at the setup assistant... I think (wish) my problem is because of the bad quality and aging of my hard drive (that’s what I want to believe actually)... I just want to be sure so I can buy an extra SSD and have both Windows and MacOS.

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