Can't get graphics passthrough working w/Z390 Designare & RX580 on OpenCore 0.5.9 - help?

OpenCore version 0.5.9

Is there a way to get the graphics passthrough feature of this motherboard to work when using a monitor connected over TB3 and my video card is connected with a DP cable from one of its outputs to the motherboard "DP in" port?

I tried to boot that way (so my monitor will get USB and all that) but once OP started to load the OS graphics all I saw was a screen flickering white and some other colors mixed in.

Everything works fine with a DP cable straight to the monitor, but then I can't use monitor USB ports and other TB3 nice things.

Anyone figured this out?

Note: I posted this then deleted and reposted bc I felt the title was misleading (it didn't communicate that I needed help).

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