Are all Hackintosh significantly slower in FCPX than real Macs or is it just mine?

In benchmarks my recently built hackintosh (Catalina 10.15.5) absolutely crushes my 2017 15" (base Spec) Macbook Pro (benchmarks below), but when actually rendering real world footage with some minor colour correction/effects in FCPX, the Macbook Pro is roughly twice as fast. Is this usual or is there a problem I should be looking for? Here's a picture of the specs I'm working with

Cinebench R20:

15" Macbook Pro - 1374 points

Hackintosh - 2256 points

Unigen Heaven:

15" Macbook Pro - 282 points

Hackintosh - 1950 points

BruceX FCPX 5k Render Test:

15" Macbook Pro - 50 seconds

Hackintosh - 10 seconds

Custom "Real World" FCPX Benchmark:

15" Macbook Pro - 6:20

Hackintosh - 12:00

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