WiFi / Bluetooth not recognized on new build - Fenvi NGFF M.2 ... OpenCore Catalina

Hi Everyone,

So, here’s my system specs:

Comet Lake i7-10700 Gigabyte Z490I Motherboard 32GB Ram 6GB 5600 XT GPU 850W Corsair PSU 2TB HD Watercooled CPU NZXT H200 Case

Running Catalina.

When I opened up the motherboard, I replaced the WiFi NGFF chip on the board with the NGFF M.2 chip in the same spot, and put it all back together.

I followed Technolli’s instructions on Comet Lake build - and basically made it to install. During the install process, it didn’t give me an option to connect to WiFi - just to plug in via Ethernet or “This computer won’t connect to the internet”

I clicked the latter, since my router is in the basement and I don’t have an Ethernet plug.

I have a feeling it might be a kext that’s missing? But I’m unsure how I would install it, or even if that’s the issue. I’m dreading having to take apart my entire build to problem solve for this, since I’m new to this...I’m surprised I made it to the install screen, to be honest. But now I’m entirely lost on how to fix this.

Any guidance on this topic? I have a mini ITX, so the only PCI slot is being taken by the GPU...and it’s a double slot - so the plug in fenvi slot card won’t be an option. I’m pretty sure I installed the one in the motherboard correctly...help?

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