Why some kexts are not loaded with OpenCore (still be loaded with Clover) and how to resolve?

Hello guys, I have a problem with OpenCore which I have not seen any report on hackintosh forums, is that some kexts are not loaded.

In details, on my laptop, VoodooI2C and VoodooI2CHID are not loaded with OpenCore (kextstat do not show) in proper way (place kexts in /EFI/OC/Kexts then add to config.plist using ProperTree snapshot). If I copy that kexts to /L/E and run kextcache -i /, they are loaded, and a message "invalid signature kext is allowed" is showed, but functions is hit or miss because VoodooI2C is required to be loaded in bootloader state.

On my desktop, FakePCIID & FakePCIID_HDMI_Audio are not loaded, too. I don't see any system log about this 2 kexts.

Above kexts are still loaded fine with Clover.

Do anyone know why this happened and how to resolve? Thank you very much!

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