iMessage Work!! And it Stopped 馃槗 PLEASE HELP

(Old) So I have Catalina running successfully. Everything works perfect. I can access Appstore and even iCloud in System Preference. I can't activate iMessage. I don't have any Apple products and have not used iMessages till now. When I try to login on iMessage it waits for a while and shows nothing. Then I dd repeat the same (login) and at last it opened and when I try to send something it shows again to login and then it shows some authentication problem and asks to contact apple.

The thing which makes it interesting is that everything else works. I can see my account loged in in preferences see my devices my cloud space.


So after all this and with some users help I did some changes and made a New Apple Id. Cause I couldn't contact apple as they would never answer the call. And then I took iMessage loged in and this time it went a bit more further. A code was sent to my mobile which I typed in to iMessage and then it went loading and there it goes error code again. I tried once more, code came I entered and same. So I turned off my Hack and Turned it back on. When I took iMessage it was working. I went to preference and saw my account was added and suddenly... And suddenly at that exact same moment the error message popped out. I tried again to login and no way it won't even send me the code again!

Did apple just identify this is a hack? Or what exactly happened to make it stop???

Please help! Thanks馃槗

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