is there some legitimate reason for disabling ports in hackintosh setups

I seem to recall some hackintosh setup walkthroughs the person highlighting that in system bios settings it is important to disable any/all presence of serial ports.

Is there some legitimate reason for disabling ports in hackintosh setups?

I ask because i have a lenovo thinkcentre m900 skylake i7-6700t igpu-hd530 wlan-8265 device that freezes on current opencore vanilla guide bootloader but works with clover vanilla guid bootloader. I'd ultimately like to get to the bottom of why that is so i could get back to using opencore given i can build and maintain it from a winOS hard boot environment.

The reason i'm asking about serial ports is i'm noticing that my clover bootloader enabled macOS catalina install has an unexpecte network interface which appears to be rom the intel amt [ advanced mgmt technology ] sol [ serial over lan ] hardware that shows up even though i have intel amt disabled in system bios. That said i just found a video that lets one into the intel amt 2ndary bios configuration environment where you can in fact disable the sol interface.

I'm thinking of giving that at test only if serial ports or funky sol network interfaces are known to create issues for hackintosh bootloaders specifically the opencore solution that doesn't have the mileage behind it that clover does.

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