can successfully sleep device but can't resume and get display to light up again without a hard reset

i have lenovo thinkcentre m900 skylake i7-6700t igpu-hd530 wlan-8260 device using current clover bootloader to boot into macOS catalina 10.15.5 environment.

if i select macOS menu sleep option the device windows down and eventually everything goes quiet and i'm left with the physical power button flashing like you'd expect every 3-5 seconds.

when i then press the power button, or hit key on keyboard, to wake the device it makes a bunch of noise as you'd expect and indicator lights on my usb speaker phone attached to my dell u2515h qhd display comes back on but the display itself never lights back up.

i tried pulling and reconnecting the displayPort connector and powering off and back on the display itself at this point but neither cause it to light back up.

if i hold down the device power button for 5-7 seconds to force a hard shutoff of device then tap the power button to start it up again it launches into macOS install again. when i signin to user account that i was signed into when i put device to sleep the state of the desktop is as it was before, e.g. terminal window i had open with output that was present before putting it to sleep is there but maybe that's a default macOS behavior to restore last user desktop state regardless of sleep/resume success.

any thoughts on how common this resume issue is and what they typical causes are and if those have typical, easy, fixes?

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