Boot drive missing in Catalina

Hello! I need urgent help from you guys. I've updated my hackintosh which I used for couple months now from 10.15.4 to 10.15.5 which is successful. I used latest Clover available. I got some setup screen after updating. It tells me whether I should turn on FileVault or not. I've turned it on. Then, after restart, Clover only shows Recovery drive.

I tried disabling FileVault from Recovery's terminal. The normal "fdesetup disable" commands results in command not found. Also tried pointing to my mounted macOS drive like "/Volumes/macOS/usr/bin/fdesetup disable". results in library not loaded error.

Any help, guys? Thank you for helping.

My Basic PC Specs

Intel Core i5 3337u

Intel HD Graphics 4000

AMD Radeon HD 8730M


1000GB Capacity (250GB HDD (includes macOS and Recovery partition) + 750GB HDD (data space))

Hackintosh Catalina updated from 10.15.4 to 10.15.5

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