Docker containers on an AMD Hackintosh


I have an issue where whenever I try and run docker, it says that I have an incompatible CPU. It says that docker requires a processor with virtualisation capabilities which I know for a fact I have and enabled. But when I run

sysctl kern.hv_support 

It gives me

kern.hv_support: 0 

Which apparently means I have no support but docker works fine when I boot into linux so I know that's not accurate.

I'd really like to get docker working as my job requires it and I like to mess around with it in my free time as well.

Is there a flag I'm missing in clover or something that would enable hypervisor support?

My CPU is a Ryzen 2600X.

Here's a screenshot of the error.

I should note that I'm able to run VirtualBox fine but not VMware which is kind of weird.

Any help with this would be great, thanks!

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