Need help with ethernet on high sierra

I have successfully gotten my hackintosh up and running on some old hardware. cpu: i7 920 gpu: gtx 760 mobo chipset: x58

Through trial and error, I’ve been able to fix every little issue. I fixed my audio, graphics, all of that. The one thing I still cannot figure out is my ethernet. I don’t have wifi on this computer, so I’m stuck with ethernet. I’ve tried just about every single kext (realtek) and nothing works! I have my SIP set up correctly and installed my kexts through Hackintool so that the permissions are repaired. No matter what I try, I can’t get my ethernet to work or even show up in network settings. So I went into hackintool, just looking around and I see that my two Pci ethernet controllers are showing up with ids and everything through the IOPCIFAMILY kext. But it still doesnt work! I’m about to just give up on this. I feel theres nothing more I can do, but I thought I’d ask for help at least once and see if I can learn something.

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