I know it's been awhile, but... we need to talk.

Hey all, there's been a few things building up for a bit now that I think it's time we address! Let's hit these in order of importance:

Low Effort Posts

This has been a massive issue of late. Far too many posts lacking any worthwhile information - asking questions that are answered every day - asking questions that make no sense - asking for "quick fix" solutions.

These posts have been leaking past my lax moderation for quite some time, and I think it clearly shows. Moving forward, I've updated the rules (specifically the Search Before Posting rule) to reflect that low-effort posts will be removed. I have also enlisted the help of some new mods to aid in stemming their flow into the sub.


For those who read the rules again when I mentioned changes above - you'll also see another rule added to the list regarding the recent outbreak of memes:

  • Memes: While memes are not explicitly banned from this sub - the purpose of this sub is to discuss Hackintosh. Excessive meme posting will be considered spam, and the posts removed.

To sum up the stance on memes in one sentence: we ok but not so much.

Hopefully, with a greater focus on the above issues we can clean up some of the problems that have been creeping up of late.

Happy hacking,

-The Mod Team

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