Hackintosh for my Acer Nitro 5! Need a bit of help!

Hi, I'm a fellow indian who owns an acer nitro 5, but i bought it from the US (i5 7th gen, 1050 ti,256gb+1tb) (model no-ANS15-51-55WL).

So i got this laptop just 3-4 months ago and really love it.But i wanted to experience owning a mac or just get a taste of it since many of my friends are very satisfied with their macbooks.I just didn't wanted to invest that much in a laptop since I didn't plan to use that for pro work and the macbook air just didn't made sense to me over this.

So basically I was thinking of a hackintosh and am asking for your help. First of all i just couldn't find somewhere i could just like see if the configuration i have is eligible for this mod. It's been 3-4 days that I'm researching, and have asked as many people as i could for help!

So if you could help answer these questions, it would be a great help!

•Is my configuration eligible? What mods it will require on the hardware wise? •How is yourexperience? Do you recommend using it as a daily driver? I mean how stableis it? •And if you can guide me through the process it will be of great help.

Thankyou so much, Eagerly waiting for your reply. :)

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