Troubleshooting Bluetooth Issue with AX210 on Ventura Hackintosh


  1. Verify Hardware Compatibility: Confirm that your AX210 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi card is compatible with macOS Ventura. Check compatibility lists and forums to ensure it is supported.

  2. Check BIOS Settings: Ensure that your BIOS settings are configured correctly for Hackintosh compatibility. Pay attention to settings related to Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, USB configuration, and any other relevant settings.

  3. Verify Kexts and Patches: Check if you are using the correct versions of the necessary kexts (like BluetoolFixup, IntelBluetoothFirmware, and IntelBluetoothPatcher). Make sure they are properly installed in your EFI folder and are compatible with your macOS version.

  4. USB Mapping: Double-check your USB port mapping to ensure that all ports are correctly mapped. Incorrect USB port mapping can cause issues with Bluetooth functionality. Use tools like Hackintool or USBMap to map your USB ports accurately.

  5. Check ACPI Patches: Review your ACPI patches to ensure they are correctly applied and not conflicting with Bluetooth functionality. Incorrect ACPI patches can cause hardware detection issues.

  6. Kernel Extensions: Verify that you have the necessary kernel extensions installed for Bluetooth functionality. Ensure that there are no conflicting or outdated kexts that may interfere with Bluetooth operation.

  7. Reset NVRAM and SMC: Resetting the NVRAM and SMC (System Management Controller) can sometimes resolve hardware detection issues. Reboot your system and reset both NVRAM and SMC to see if it helps.

  8. Community Support: Seek assistance from the Hackintosh community or forums dedicated to Hackintoshing. Other users may have encountered similar issues and can provide valuable insights or solutions.

  9. Update Firmware: Check if there are any firmware updates available for your AX210 card. Updating the firmware to the latest version may resolve compatibility issues with macOS Ventura.

  10. Debugging Tools: Utilize debugging tools like IORegistryExplorer or Hackintool to inspect your system's hardware configuration and detect any issues with Bluetooth detection.

  11. Review System Logs: Check system logs for any error messages related to Bluetooth detection or operation. Logs may provide clues about the underlying issue.

  12. Consult Documentation: Refer to official OpenCore documentation and guides for troubleshooting Bluetooth-related issues specific to your setup. OpenCore's documentation may offer additional troubleshooting steps or insights.

  13. Seek Professional Assistance: If you're unable to resolve the issue on your own, consider seeking assistance from experienced Hackintosh users or professionals who specialize in macOS Ventura installations and troubleshooting. Provide detailed information about your hardware and the steps you've taken so far for better assistance.

[Ventura] Can’t get AX210 BT working

Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some advices on the matter as the issue I opened on GitHub in the IntelBluetoothFirmware repo got liquidated. Basically I can’t get my ax210 card Bluetooth working. The usb ports are all mapped. I can correctly use WiFi but for some reason the Bluetooth can not detect any devices(once enabled the bt keeps scanning forever).

Under the usb bt controllers the card gets detected and it also appears the default macOS entry BCM_4350C2( issue )

I’m using bluetoolfixup,intelbtpatcher and intelbluetoothfirmware. In addition i’m on comet lake.

Thank you !

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